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Here you will find all the information and news about my book A Necessary Family-Cosmo Gumbo. I’d love to hear from you. You can connect with me through my contact page or on Goodreads. Link to Jeri at: www.jeribrown.com Thanks for visiting.
Canadian Author Jeri Brown
Jeri Brown
A Necessary Family - Cosmo Gumbo by Canadian Author Jeri Brown - Fantasy Book

a NeceSSAry FAmily

Cosmo Gumbo

Fifty metatonaec years after the tragic extinction of planet Eaerthdon, life on planet Tenson is in turmoil. Charged by Chief Elder Amos to eliminate bigotry, four Zumanaur teen ghosts, Ava, Manon, Mereminum, and Feifer, exit Cosmo Gumbo on their mission to Louisgrove. With precious time to spare, they rush to join their necessary families and confront the injustices that lie ahead.

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