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Canadian Author Jeri Brown

Jeri Brown

Missouri-born Jeri Brown is an African American writer, arts journalist, poet, playwright, producer, educator, and performer. Brown had a brush with trauma when she was eleven and ever since has been fascinated by children who survive and overcome accidents, physical assaults, natural disasters, prejudice, and injustice with the help of fantasy. Brown’s wide range of topics encompasses social justice, resilience, and improvisation. Brown’s writings have been recognized in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Jeri Brown is the author of Skin Folk, a myriad of written stems and shapes about kin (adult, family, e-book: Jongleur Publishing) and They Won’t Believe You: Dolena’s Journey (adult, true crime e-book: Jongleur Publishing), and has 16 award-winning albums to her credit. Find out more about Jeri at www.jeribrown.com


Most frequent questions and answers

Thoughts I never wanted to say out loud came more easily through fantasy writing. I began to imagine characters, places. Soon I faced a new world with creatures from my imagination: my truth…my past…my fantasy.

Much of the planet reveals mountains, forests, farms and non-earth creatures located in the region of Giuseppe. There is also a coastal underworld sea region deep in the fathom where hosts of sea creatures of all types and sizes reside. Years after the extinction of planet Eaerthdon, planet Tenson Zumanaur ogres emerge through a birth canal known as Cosmo Gumbo. There creatures are welcomed into the city of northern Louisgrove with its neighboring ghetto Quicksand Alley, separated by Crimson Cliff labyrinth.

As a child I wrote a lot of make believe. The name Cosmo Gumbo stems from an imagined ecological womb, a passageway into a new fantastical world where ogres emerge with supernatural powers. A Necessary Family refers to four ghosts who are charged by their elders to settle with families to report on issues of social unrest and relationships. The naming allowed me to express my complicated psychological journey behind the shield of fantasy.

To help the Elders decide what to do about the recent surge of violence in Louisgrove, Chief Elder Amos enlists teen ghosts Feifer, Manon, Ava, and Mereminum to help restore peace, create positive change, expand equality, and eliminate bigotry in the community of Louisgrove. 

Deep in the underworld of coastal sea waters, deep-sea creatures of all types and sizes live below the photic zone surviving in harsh conditions on small amounts of oxygen, with very little food, little or no sunlight, and constant extreme cold.

In the 60s and 70s in the U.S. I experienced an unfair racial climate. During childhood, my experience of forced school busing outside my community provided many confrontations. We had fights daily. I got used to eggs thrown on our school bus.  Once I became a professional entertainer, I continued to combat injustice in the music industry. I was shocked and amazed how mean and hateful different races and cultures could be.

Greenish accounted for 19% of the population of Louisgrove with a whopping 63% of all arrests, far exceeding those of Purists. Greenish were sentenced to longer prison terms than Purists for the same crimes. Guards were officers representing civil authority, responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the laws, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. Under their watch, Greenish were singled out, unfairly targeted, and disproportionately subjected to arrest.